Surprising Facts about Women’s Orgasms

The female orgasm seems a mysterious and interesting gift from God and one that women enjoy most. The female orgasm is a gift and women tend to enjoy it more than male. Try and watch the many pornography videos that portray women enjoying their orgasm in a great way. The amount of media devoted to culture and sex is a lot, and there is a lot the people still want to know about sex. There are several facts about female orgasm that you probably didn’t know that might improve your understanding of the women’s sexuality.

woman-orgasmMajority of women can’t orgasm alone from sexual intercourse

Not all women have an orgasm from sexual intercourse alone. Most require clitoris stimulation to have an orgasm. Sexual intercourse alone does not arouse or stimulate the clitoris well enough for women to have an orgasm. For direct clitoris sensation, women need the oral or manual stimulation of the clitoris.

It is possible to have an orgasm and never know about it

Not all classic orgasm have the classic signs of sweating, muscle contraction and the rapid breathing. Some women experience orgasms that are gentle and subtle producing the relaxation and arousal. It is true some women can experience orgasm and not know about it especially the gentle blips.

female-orgasmsOrgasm doesn’t happen in the genitals but the brain

Unlike what most people think, orgasm in women or even in male occurs in the brain and not in the genitals. When women feel a powerful orgasm in the genitals, it is because they are stimulated and aroused with messages been sent to the brain. During the period of intimacy, the brain is usually filled with oxytocin a chemical that is responsible for the intimacy and connection.

understanding-marital-intimacyWomen don’t require orgasm to enjoy sex

Yeah, women don’t always require hitting the peak to enjoy the orgasm. The closeness and physical intimacy of sex are enough to make them feel satisfied. The most satisfying sexual experience women enjoy most if the closeness and connection to their partners which to them are far much better than the sole orgasm experienced when having sex. This is totally opposite to them who want to enjoy the orgasm much better than the intimacy and connection with their partner.

Kissing can cause orgasm in some women

Unlike men, kissing alone can cause women to have an orgasm. That is the reason why kissing alone is more important to women than it is to men. Kissing if done right is basically magic to women unlike men and most men get the desire to have sex after a good kiss and the orgasm they get from it. It might not happen to all women, but some women can experience orgasm by kissing alone.

10% of women experience orgasm when exercising

A small percentage of women like 10% have been reported to experience orgasm when exercising. The contraction and relaxation of muscles when exercising have been reported to cause orgasm in some women, unlike men which is something most people don’t know.

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