Soft Start

Soft Starts are utterly lovely, ladies.

image (41)Get him in your mouth early on and lavish your tender loving care on him and watch what delightful transformations take place. This sex maneuver can be difficult to do simply because catching a man before he gets an erection can prove difficult!

But I encourage you to try, because the rewards of feeling him stiffen in your mouth are worth it. Another advantage to this sexy foreplay move is that for men who are more than a mouthful (and most are) the Soft Start may be the only time you get to take him all in.

Start by kneeling down in front of him and slowly unzipping his pants. Not too slowly, though, or you’ll miss your chance! Once you have him firmly in hand, take him gently in your mouth, using this opportunity to slide him in to the hilt. You might use one hand to stroke lightly behind his balls, but again, the point here is to minimize the stimuli so that you can fully enjoy the brief but fabulous time where you get to suck and lick him to hardness.

If he’s willing, you can even make it into a game: tell him that his job is to stay soft or only semi-erect for as long as possible. Then you do everything in your power to change that situation. You’ll get the chance to experience the full power of a woman, he’ll get an incredible blow job. You both win!

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