Tips for Finding Casual Sex in Las Vegas

Most men heading to Las Vegas are looking to have some great time and get a nice looking lady to spend time with and maybe have sex. There is no better place in the world to satisfy your carnal desires like Las Vegas. Most people go to Las Vegas thinking they can get laid as easily, but that is never the case. You have to be smart and know the right places to get casual sex without involving yourself with a hooker or someone of the sort. There are many choices of getting casual sex in Las Vegas without involving yourself with a prostitute or strippers. Pack plenty of condoms and stay at a good hotel and I will show you how to get laid easily.

Pick a girl from the airport

From the moment you land in Las Vegas, take a minute or two at the airport and try to see someone just like you. You can sit in the airport lounge and try to look around. You are bound to meet someone just like you who has come to Vegas to have some fun. Strike up a conversation, and you are good to go. However, be careful not to pick a prostitute as there are many of them in Las Vegas. You will just know by the way they dress, talk and easily want to come with you. If they ask how much you will be paying then, get the hell out! You are dealing with a prostitute.

Casual sex in hotels

You are likely to meet beautiful women staying in the same hotel just like you and looking to have some great time. If you stay in a hotel with a casino, there are places within the hotel dedicated to singles where you can meet someone and strike up a conversation. The one thing you have to ensure is that you are not picking up a prostitute who will, of course, charge you some fee.


girls-in-nightclubNightclubs are one of the best places to find casual sex. You probably have never been to a nightclub until you visited a nightclub in Las Vegas. The women in Las Vegas nightclubs are stunningly gorgeous and so are the men there. Make sure you dress to kill if you are to impress some lady. Get one woman and exchange your contact information. You can then initiate the conversation from there as you learn more about her trying to know if she is a hooker or just someone like you trying to have some good time. The music, cocktails and the performances in the nightclubs create the perfect atmosphere to get you all in the right mood for sex.

Don’t waste a lot of time on one girl

If you approach her and she appears hesitant, don’t waste much of your time there. You can try to be a little bit patient but if she behaves like she doesn’t want to roll with you, get the hell away and approach another one. Las Vegas is not the place to waste all your time with one girl who to spend time with you. One you have her talking change clubs to make sure she is with you and not just drinking your alcohol.

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