The Pros and Cons Of Being A Stripper

Ever thought of working as a stripper in one of the many nightclubs around the country? Working as a stripper has its good moments and bad moments just like any job. Stripping is something very common in most states in the US with people in cities like Las Vegas taking it as a full-time job. So, what are the pros and cons of working as a stripper?

Pros: Money

stripper-legsThe money in stripping is probably the best thing about working as a stripper. If you want quick money then working as a stripper guarantees you the best opportunity to make quick bucks. Millions of American work long hours and still earns very few bucks while strippers working a single night earn thousands of dollars. Imagine making over $1000 every single night. There is a lot of money in stripping, and most of the women working as strippers are motivated by the money in this business. They are part-time students who pay their school fees and get enough to support themselves by working as strippers part time. All you need is a beautiful face to attract men, get some training on pole dancing and a good nightclub.

Con: Nightshifts

Walking late into the night is not the best thing in life for most people. Imagine yourself walking into the parking lot early in the morning after a hoard of men just saw you naked. It feels awkward that when the rest of the nation is sleeping you are out there naked while you would be in bed with your man.

Pro: exercise

Strippers are physically fit by the demands of their job. Pole dancing is an amazing exercise, and not everyone can do it without being physically fit. It is like incorporating gym with your work. Strippers don’t have to visit the gym because they break enough sweat on the pole making them fit which is a good exercise.

Con: Parents

sceret-lipsWe all know stripping is not the kind of job that the parents will be okay with knowing it is what you did for a living. Most will curse you and not want to see you again. The pressure to have to explain to your parents where you get all the money without letting them know you are a stripper is a major con. Most lie saying they have gotten a scholarship. You might have to stay away from home to work as a stripper.

Pro: major self-esteem boost

Working as a stripper requires you to have the guts to face almost anything. The ridicule and names people call you might be demoralizing you but working as a stripper makes you confident. Having the guts to show your private body to everybody in not easy and one must have the confidence to do it. Self-esteem is built working as a stripper.

Con: Morally questionable

You will sometimes ask yourself if you are doing the right thing and feel guilty for selling your body for money. You will live a double life being a stripper at night and a different person during the day. It is a job you will not be proud of and will not want people knowing what you do for a living.

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